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I got to go to Tumblr’s REBLOG THIS FILM FESTIVAL tonight.  It was such a great time!

I hope our movie-going culture heads further in this direction.  In today’s contemporary night at the movies, we usually go to some sterile and styleless multiplex, sit among people whom we wish weren’t there, watch about a half hour of advertisement and then watch a movie to which we’re connected only through commercials we’ve seen on TV.  But tonight, I went to a fantastic cinema/venue, called CINESPACE, that I’ve been meaning to check out forever but only finally doing so now; it’s not rows and rows of people ignoring each other, but instead tables and chairs, a bar, a social environment, where the people and setting enhance the movie-watching experience instead of detracting from it.  There were no commercials.  And the short films we watched were made by people from a community to which everyone felt connected.

And I mean it when I say the short films were really good.  They showed one that Rian Johnson and RonenV and I made together out of a random page from Finnegan’s Wake.  It’s called Page 439.  There were a bunch of other cool ones.  The one that sticks out most in my mind, sadly I can’t remember the title, so I can’t find it to link it, but it was about a boy who had a television for a head.  What was that one called?  I want to watch it again…

Anyway, it was a grand success of an evening, and I just wanted to say thanks and bravo to the folks at tumblr who put it all together.

photo by burningdan: “The tumblr(.com) film Fesival had huge tubs of popcorn. Go tumblr!”


I HAD TO reblog this:


I saw some Boston fans helping out with the post-riot cleanup downtown, and I was so touched. I am aching and sore from scrubbing walls for four hours, but I am so glad that I got to experience the beauty of Vancouver, including the love and solidarity of those who wanted to preserve it… whether inhabitants or not.

(photo credit: 2011 ANDY FANG PHOTOGRAPHY)

(Source: joodlez)

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